Supporting crime analysis through visual design


We describe and discuss a visual analysis prototype to support volume crime analysis, a form of exploratory data analysis that aims to identify and describe patterns of criminality using historical and recent crime reports. Analysis requirements are relatively familiar: analysts wish to identify, define and compare sets of crime reports across multiple attributes (space, time and description). A challenge particular to the domain, identified through workshops with Police analysts in Belgium and the UK, is in developing exploratory data analysis software that offers some sophistication in data selection, aggregation and comparison, but with interaction techniques and representations that can be easily understood, navigated and communicated. In light of ongoing discussion with Police analysts, we propose four visual design and interaction maxims that relate to this challenge and discuss an early visual analysis prototype that we hope conforms to these maxims.

In IEEE VIS 2015
Roger Beecham
Roger Beecham
Associate Professor in Visual Data Science

My research interests include data visualization, applied data science and computational statistics.