I’m a Lecturer at the University of Leeds. I work in Social and Geographic Data Science.

My research demonstrates how new, passively-collected datasets can be repurposed for social research. As well as technical and statistical issues, I consider the consequences of these data for knowledge production. This spans several disciplinary areas: spatial data analysis, information visualization, geography, transport planning, crime science and market research. My teaching is focussed around introducing computational data analysis techniques for Geographers (examples here and here).

Prior to September 2017 I worked as a PostDoc at the giCentre, City, University of London. I have a PhD in Geographic Information Science (City University London), a BA in Geography (Durham University, Robin Mills Award) and a professional background in market research, previously working as a Senior Researcher at YouGov and Researcher at Leicestershire County Council.

Selected Publications

A complete publications list can be found in my CV.

  1. On the use of ‘glyphmaps’ for analysing Covid-19 reported cases

    Roger Beecham, Jason Dykes and Layik Hama and Nik Lomax

  2. Using position, angle and thickness to expose the shifting geographies of the 2019 UK General Election

    Roger Beecham

  3. Regionally-structured explanations behind area-level populism: An update to recent ecological analyses

    Roger Beecham, Nick Williams and Lex Comber

  4. Design Exposition Discussion Documents for Rich Design Discourse in Applied Visualization

    Roger Beecham, Chris Rooney, Jason Dykes and William Wong

  5. Characterising labour market self-containment in London with geographically arranged small multiples

    Roger Beecham and Aidan Slingsby

  6. Locally-varying explanations behind the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union

    Roger Beecham, Aidan Slingsby and Chris Brunsdon

  7. Map line-ups: effects of spatial structure on graphical inference

    Roger Beecham, Jason Dykes, Wouter Meulemans, Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay and Jo Wood

  8. Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis (FaVVEs): a framework for visualising multi-perspective small multiples

    Roger Beecham, Chris Rooney, Sebastian Meier, Jason Dykes, Aidan Slingsby, Cagatay Turkay, Jo Wood and William Wong

  9. Moving beyond sequential design: Reflections on a rich multi-channel approach to data visualization

    Jo Wood, Roger Beecham and Jason Dykes

  10. Characterising group-cycling journeys using interactive graphics

    Roger Beecham and Jo Wood

  11. Studying commuting behaviours using collaborative visual analytics

    Roger Beecham, Jo Wood and Audrey Bowerman

  12. Exploring gendered cycling behaviours within a large-scale behavioural dataset

    Roger Beecham and Jo Wood

  13. Towards confirmatory data analysis? Deriving and analysing routing information for an origin-destination bikeshare dataset

    Roger Beecham and Jo Wood

  14. Visual analysis of social networks in space and time using smartphone logs

    Aidan Slingsby, Roger Beecham and Jo Wood

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    • Nokia Data Challenge (3rd place)
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