Mon 5th Nov


Lecture : Visualization Fundamentals




Lecture : Visualization Guidelines




Tue 6th Nov


Lab : GIS, RBDM, Env Water Consultancy, Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT)

Wed 7th Nov


Lab : CAMS 1


Lab : CAMS2, SSP, Data Science & Analytics

Visualization is fundamental to meeting the unprecedented challenges and exploiting the wonderful opportunities of the ever-expanding deluge of data confronting virtually every field.

— Prof. Jim Hollan of UC San Diego

Nowadays visualization is one of the key ways in which scientific discoveries and advances in collective understanding are made. Therefore, those scientists, researchers, data explorers, and analysts who rely in their everyday work on producing visualizations and generating images should have some acquaintance with the most rudimentary ABC of good design practice.

— Marek Kultys
Independent Designer

This week’s session covers the fundamentals of Data Visualization, arguably the core and fastest growing sub-discipline of Data Science. The materials introduce some key research from cognitive science, computer science and the geo-sciences that will help you interpret and create information-rich data graphics.

By the end of the session, you will:

Before the lecture, it would be beneficial to:

Before the lab, you should:

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